The Library Project

Santa Martha is a remote, impoverished village in Belize. The kids are just like yours and mine, except that free education for them stops at sixth grade. Our goal is to sponsor as many children as we can through high school so that they are not destined for a life in the sugar cane fields.



The Lives We Impact

Our Mission

Join us in our little chunk of jungle and experience the fauna, flora, friends and fun while saving a little piece of it and helping some kids that really need it at the same time ...

Belize Birds Limited

 We are working with the local village and other interested folks to protect the natural habitat of the Tapir, Jaguar, Toucan, Black Howler Monkey and many other species that are being displaced by the steady advance of "civilization".

    This area, rich in Mayan history, will be kept as natural as possible given the past history of logging damage.

    The original purpose of this site was to secure funding for a small library in an impoverished, remote village in Northern Belize. With help from sponsors like you, we have built that village library, initiated a reading program, and continue to increase the number of students that go on to a high school education.

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