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August 11, 2016

   Belize project

Most of you know at least a little of what I have been doing in Belize.  We started this project in earnest in 2007 by sending kids from Santa Martha Village (a tiny grass shack village in Northern Belize) to High Schools.  School in Belize is free only through the sixth grade.  After that it costs approximately $450US per year to send them further.  The nearest high schools are 18 miles away over some of the most miserable roads you can imagine.  The first year we did this we sent four kids to school.  This year we have 28 of them that need to be sponsored, seven of them in Jr. College, which costs $1,200 per year.  While I have done some of this myself, I could not have pulled it off without the help of many friends and neighbors, for which I and the kids are very grateful.  I, with the financial help of Kennett Friends Meeting and several others, have built a library in the village so the kids and village in general could have a place to meet and study.  It was used last summer for a few reading classes taught by the primary school principal’s wife.  She taught the classes gratis, I paid for supplies and refreshments and the village agreed to supply water to the library without charge.  We got electricity to the building when we were there this February so it now has water, septic and lights.  When the plans for the reading classes were announced 27 kids were expected.  When classes started 64 kids showed up.  This year we planned for 75 kids and several of my friends and neighbors helped me pay for it.

 I was told a few years ago by one of the teachers that I had created a problem for the school as kids were now staying in school rather than dropping out since they had a chance to get a more complete education, and the school was running out of space.  That’s not my problem and I think they will be able to deal with it.

Google Belize Birds Ltd., or check the website, or both for some info on what I am doing to postpone senility.  There is even a Facebook site for Belize Birds.  There is a link to a WDEL radio interview that is about 10 minutes long.  It pretty well explains how I got into this project and what I am trying to accomplish.  My computer expertise leaves much to be desired and I have to rely on others to update this stuff, which thankfully they seem to do a good job of.  I am not a 501C3 or any other sort of tax shelter, this is pretty much a one-man show.  I do not deduct any of this stuff on my taxes nor can I offer you anything other than the gratitude of a bunch of folks that really need and appreciate the help.  This year I am working with the Hockessin Rotary Club with the plan that they will link to the Orange Walk, Belize Rotary Club to handle the funds so folks are not writing checks to me personally, it just feels better if we can do that and it makes donations tax deductible.

If you would like to sponsor a kid, you are making a 6 year commitment to a child you may never meet but you will change their life forever.  If you want to travel to Belize I can make certain you meet that child and their family if you wish.  If you would like to help sponsor the librarian, a, or any part of, summer reading camp, any donations would be gratefully accepted.


Bob Brumbaugh