Belize Birds Limited

May 12, 2021

Dear Friends of our Santa Martha, Belize project

Once again, I am asking you to help a bunch of kids with great hopes, and little in the way of resources. Last year we had 35 students, the largest group yet, and I fell embarrassingly short of our fundraising goal due to the passing of of a couple of our larger supporters, as well as my failure to beat on enough doors. I am still asking for the $450 per student, but will happily accept any amount you are willing to contrubute. All checks should be sent to me and be made out to: Rotary Club of Kennett at Longwood. That makes it a legitimate tax deductible gift. Kennett Rotary will then transfer the funds to the Rotary Club of Orange Walk, Belize.

I have purchased the El Chiclero Inn in Burrell Boom, Belize which is about 15 minutes from the airport above Belize City. It is a great place to spend your first night after landing and give yourself a bit of time to adjust to the pace of Belize. Anyone paying a tuition for a student gets a free night at the Inn. (El Chiclero website is coming soon).

This year we are planning on making the compound in the jungle habitable and hopefully will be able to take tours through the deep woods to see the tapirs, jaguars, gibnuts, deer, and all sorts of of birds and other flying and crawling thingys.


Robert R Brumbaugh

PO Box 249

Yorklyn, DE 19736